many hand are involved in traditional Indian handloom fabric production

How Are Handloom Fabrics Made? A Film

Sixth in a series about how our Indian fabrics are made.

We're excited to share a short film about handloom fabric production. This beautiful film was made by master weaver TKG in his village in West Bengal, India.

Cotton passes through many hands as it is transformed from raw fiber into finished cloth; weaving is only a fraction of the labor. It literally "takes a village" to make handloom fabrics. Every step is entirely driven by people-power.


Weaving Handloom Fabric from Loom and Stars on Vimeo.


We believe handloom fabrics are the most beautiful, comfortable, and sustainable fabrics on Earth! Visit our shop at Loom & Stars to start sewing and wearing them. Some of our fabrics are made of hand-spun cotton like the ones in the film, some are made of mill-spun fibers, and some combine the two for the best qualities of each. 

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