Fabrics from Japan

Cool natural fiber fabrics from Japan. In a range of weights from... 

Handloom Cottons and Linens

Handloom fabrics are woven by hand, without the use of electricity. These... 

The source for slow fashion fabric since 2018

All natural fibers for your sewing pleasure. Many of our Indian fabrics are made by people, not machines — see how they're made in this short film. Our high-quality Japanese fabrics are specially chosen for their beauty. Try slow fashion sewing!

Shipping from New York. UK/EU customers: please visit our Etsy shop.

We're now located in NYC!

Indian fabrics

Jamdani Handloom Fabrics

Jamdani fabrics are woven by hand, by master craftspeople, without the use... 

Hand Embroidered Fabrics

Our hand embroidered fabrics are made by women artisans. Kantha fabrics are... 

Hand Block Prints

Printed by people, not machines, without the use of electricity! See how... 

More natural fiber fabrics


Linen and linen blend fabrics: prints and solids from Japan, and handwovens... 

Naturally Dyed Fabrics

A selection of fabrics dyed using natural products rather than chemicals. Natural... 

super soft handloom cotton scarves jamdani weave natural indigo dyed

All Natural Beauty

Have you seen our handwoven scarves?

Made by master weavers from the softest cotton and naturally dyed.

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Artisan-made fabrics are our passion

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Need Thread?

We now stock Mettler Silk-Finish 50-wt. cotton, our favorite thread for stitching natural fiber wovens. Great for quilting, too.

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"Your shop is largely responsible for my return to sewing."

— Amy K.

"I love y'all's fabric!"

— Annie V.

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