Fabric Care

Handloom Fabrics and Hand Block Prints:

Wash these fabrics before using: they were not made in a factory and may have residual dust or dyes on them. We recommend treating handloom fabrics like other delicates and always washing yardage and projects in a zippered mesh lingerie bag.

  • block prints and many handlooms can be washed on gentle cycle in cool water, separately, using a mild detergent. Hand washing is even better!
  • jamdani fabrics should always be hand washed in cool water
  • line dry in the shade
  • warm iron

It’s best to avoid putting handloom fabrics in the dryer, as they were not meant to withstand such treatment. Wash dark or vibrant colors separately, and always test your cleaning method first.

Indigo-dyed fabrics will lighten somewhat over time, just like denim. To prevent loss of color, add a handful of table salt to the cool wash water the first few times. Also, indigo can rub off, so store your fabric carefully.


Japanese Cottons and Linens:

  • gentle machine wash in cold water
  • line dry in the shade or tumble dry low
  • wash dark or vibrant colors separately