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Fabric Care

indigo shibori cotton fabric

Most Loom & Stars fabrics have been made by hand, so please treat them with care:  Hand wash gently in cool water, separately, with a mild detergent and air dry in the shade; use a warm iron.

Colors may bleed in the first few washes; you may wish to use a dye fixative such as Dharma Professional Textile Detergent, etc., or the traditional handful of salt in the wash water, and ALWAYS test first!

Indigo-dyed fabrics will continue to lighten over time, just like denim.  They are also light sensitive, so store them with care in a dark place.

Do wash your fabric before using it: it was not made in a factory and may have residual dust or dyes on it.

Please note: Loom & Stars handwoven fabrics should not be machine washed or put in the dryer, as they are too delicate for such treatment.  In this way we can show our respect for the weavers and other artisans who create such beautiful textiles!


blue crackle shibori cotton fabric