Inspiration Gallery

What have people been making with our fabric? Take a peek — we love it when our customers inspire each other!
To share your project, send us a photo at hello (at) loomandstars (dot) com.

Needle Case and Bird

Joan's needle book and bird made from handloom and block print remnants

inside the handmade needlebook

inside the needle book

Folkwear Kamiz made of grey and white handloom cotton fabrics from Loom And Stars

P's Jewels of India kamiz by Folkwear + a variety of handloom cotton fabrics

Tunic dress made of grey jamdani cotton and other handloom fabrics

Detail of P's Folkwear kamiz tunic and Silver Grey Jamdani cotton

Renmei's drawstring bra made of striped khadi cotton

Lingerie designer Renmei's bra made of naturally dyed handloom cotton

Matcha top in indigo block print

S’s Matcha Top by Sew Liberated + indigo hand block print
(check out the contrast facings!)

Folkwear Jewels of India in Handloom Jamdani Fabric at Loom And Stars

K's Jewels of India kamiz by Folkwear + jamdani cotton (read more on our blog)

pillow made of black and white handwoven jamdani cotton fabric

A's throw pillow made from Black Squiggle jamdani cotton

Ashton Tank made by Heather Lou

Heather Lou of Closet Core Patterns made an Ashton Top by Helen's Closet + Handwoven Linen/Cotton dyed with avocado pits!

naomi top sewn by alexis bailey

Alexis's Naomi Shirt by Coffee and Thread patterns + Disappearing Check handloom cotton

Darling Ranges Dress sewn by Enderall Sews

A's Darling Ranges dress by Megan Nielsen + naturally dyed handloom cotton

Peter's pattern-blocked shirt in handloom cotton

Peter's McCalls 5389 (vintage pattern) + Random Checks handloom cotton

Cielo Dress in Striped Cotton

K's Cielo Dress pattern by Closet Core Patterns + All Sorts of Stripes
handloom cotton

indigo jamdani Wilder gown

Atia's Wilder Gown by Friday Pattern Company + indigo jamdani cotton

Wilder Top by Friday in indigo jamdani cotton

Shannon's Wilder Top by Friday Pattern Company + indigo jamdani cotton

Claire's Kalle Shirtdress

Claire's Kalle Shirtdress by Closet Core Patterns + Disappearing Checks handloom cotton (now available in blue)

Tea House Dress in handloom cotton fabric

A's Tea House Dress by Sew House 7 + Random Checks handloom cotton

Ashton Top Dress in indigo jamdani cotton

J's Ashton Top dress by Helen's Closet + indigo jamdani cotton

Matcha Top in handloom cotton striped fabric

Claire's Matcha Top by Sew Liberated + handloom stripes

Aida Top in jamdani cotton

M's Aida Top by Sew Liberated + Two Indigos jamdani cotton

Peter's matching mask and shirt

Peter's matching mask and shirt in various handloom cottons

Retro Tie Blouse Pattern Hack at Loom & Stars

K's Retro Tie Blouse Pattern Hack from Loom & Stars + Handwoven Linen/Cotton

Grainline Uniform Tunic in jamdani cotton

M's Uniform Tunic by Grainline Studio + jamdani cotton

Tamarack Jacket by Claire

Claire's Tamarack Jacket by Grainline Studio + All Sorts of Stripes handloom cotton

Remy Raglan in handloom stripes

J's Remy Raglan from Sew House 7 + Midnight Stripes handloom cotton

Remy Raglan top in handloom cotton

and her other Remy Raglan + Sinuous Stripe handloom cotton

Polychrome striped handloom cotton shirt

J's self-designed shirt in handloom cotton stripes

Darling Ranges Top in handloom cotton stripes

Claire's Darling Ranges Top by Megan Nielsen + handloom cotton stripes

Striped Shirt made of naturally dyed cotton fabric

J's Melilot Shirt by Deer and Doe Patterns + naturally dyed handloom cotton

pearl snaps on striped cotton shirt

check out the pearl snaps on there!

Striped Shirt made of naturally dyed cotton fabric

J's The Blouse Perfected from Cutting Line Designs + naturally dyed
handloom cotton 

Olya Shirt in blue handloom cotton fabric

J's Olya Shirt by Paper Theory Patterns + Tiniest Basketweave handloom cotton

navy blue jamdani cotton blouse

J's Liberty Shirt by the Sewing Workshop + Navy Squares jamdani cotton

blue striped cotton sleeveless blouse

J's Simplicity 8053 + striped handloom cotton

Blue Striped Maya Dress by Marilla Walker

Claire's Maya Dress by Marilla Walker + striped handloom cotton

Asymmetric Dress in handloom check fabric

K's BurdaStyle Asymmetric Dress + Disappearing Checks handloom cotton
(now available in blue)

black and white checked cotton shirt

J's Button Up by Lois Ericson + Disappearing Checks handloom cotton

buttoned cuffs on handloom cotton shirt

check out the cool cuffs on that one!

block print dress shirt

M's Dress Shirt by Merchant & Mills + indigo block print

indigo block printed backpack

N's block printed backpack, made for her sister!

Mississippi Dress in indigo block print fabric

M's Mississippi Avenue Dress by Sew House 7 + indigo block print

indigo hand block print pajamas

J's pajama set with the Gilbert Top by Helen's Closet and Goji Shorts from
Deer and Doe + indigo block print

Matcha Top dress in indigo block print

K's Matcha Top dress by Sew Liberated + indigo block print