Hand Block Prints

Printed by people, not machines, without the use of electricity! See how they're made in A Look at Hand Block Printing.

Our block print fabrics are printed by hand in Rajasthan, India, by multi-generation family businesses. They're on cotton cambric, a machine-woven fabric similar to English lawn (heavier than batiste, but lighter and softer than quilting cotton), and perfect for most garment making. It softens beautifully with the first wash.

The new indigo-dyed prints are on organic cotton! They were minimally processed to conserve water, a precious resource in the part of India where these fabrics are made. The residual odor left by the traditional printing and dyeing techniques will wash away. Please wash before using, separate from other fabrics, and rinse well to remove excess indigo.

Mix and match prints or use for contrasting bindings or facings. Light colors may need to be lined for skirts/dresses.