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More Handloom Fabric Love

When a series on “Textiles of the World” was announced over at The Sewcialists sewing blog, we were excited to share our fabric love with a new audience. In our contribution, Jamdani Handloom Weaving, you can learn a little more about us and our goals. Read the whole series — it's fascinating!

sustainable gift naturally dyed handwoven cotton scarves
As you’ve probably noticed by now, we’re passionate about bringing handloom textiles to the sewing community. Many sewists seek out fabrics that they can care about, fabrics that tell a story, in order to create meaningful wardrobes that reflect their personal ethos. We want to connect them with hand-crafted cloth made by real people. Together we can help preserve heritage crafts and traditional livelihoods.

To that end, we now have handwoven jamdani scarves and shawls in the shop. Wrap one on to add a dash of color and hand-made beauty to any outfit!

sustainable handwoven merino wool shawl

Learn more in our series about how these fabrics are made:

A Look at Jamdani Weaving

A Look at Handloom Weaving

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