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Why Loom & Stars?

indigo shibori fabric diamond swirl Fabric has always been my passion.  I have been sewing since I was a child, and though I have pursued other interests over the years, textiles have been the one constant. 

For at least the last two decades I have made the majority of my clothes, but in recent years it has become much more difficult to find fabrics that I love and want to wear.  Personally, I prefer natural fibers, and I don’t like to wear most knits, perhaps because of their synthetic feel and content. 

When I started to explore the endless wonder that is Indian fabric, it was absolutely thrilling - here at last were fabrics that I truly love!   Beautiful to the eye, soft to the touch, expressing textile traditions in old and new ways, and full of creative possibilities.  And most importantly, the human connection: these fabrics are made by people, men and women working at looms, at dye pots, even in their homes, creating amazing textiles.  I knew that others who sew would love these beautiful fabrics, too, but they are not easily found in the US.  So what to do?  It seemed I would have to start a business… 

Luckily my sister-in-law loves fabric as much as I do, and together we have embarked on a textile adventure, designing and seeking out fantastic fabrics thoughtfully produced by the master craftspeople of the subcontinent.

We can all be guided by great thinkers like Mohandas Gandhi and William Morris - we can make the right choices, and in doing so, make our own lives more beautiful while doing good for others.

We hope you will enjoy sewing and wearing the fabric of our dreams.

hand dyed shibori silk cotton fabric

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