Jamdani Handloom Fabrics

Jamdani fabrics are woven by hand, by master craftspeople, without the use of electricity! The designs are actually woven into the fabric while it is on the loom, using tiny bobbins which hold the contrasting thread. Our handloom fabrics are made in West Bengal, India, where skilled weavers have been making and exporting this kind of cloth for perhaps several thousand years. Read more in A Look at Jamdani Weaving.

Many of these fabrics are made of khadi yarn, meaning that the cotton fiber itself has been spun by hand, giving the fabric an incomparable softness. The resulting cloth is so fine and airy that the motifs seem to float - imagine making a delicate scarf or an exquisite child's dress, as well as beautiful blouses, tunics and lingerie. (Some garments may need to be lined or layered.) Little tufts on the back of the cloth show where the contrasting thread was clipped off; you could use this as a design feature on the right side of your garment, if you prefer.

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Jamdani weaving has been declared by UNESCO to be an “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity” — so let's help to preserve it!