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Contemporary Patchwork

Contemporary Patchwork

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Contemporary Patchwork: Techniques in Colour, Surface Design & Sewing by Arounna Khounnoraj

A beautiful book by the noted textile artist, aka @bookhou, with colorful projects and inspiring photography.

Dive into contemporary patchwork with fresh surface design techniques and beautiful projects from Arounna Khounnoraj, co-owner of Bookho. Her approach to patchwork, quilting, and appliqué stands out from traditional methods, making this book an incredible resource for building a foundation in textile design and expanding into unique improvisational patchwork. Get inspired by your environment and learn elements of color theory before jumping into several fabric surface design techniques. Then, master the art of decorating with stitches as you explore various sewing and appliqué techniques to make your patchwork projects pop.

Includes ten beautiful and original projects that combine a variety of sewing and appliqué techniques and range from small quilts to bags and pouches.

Discover the possibilities of surface design techniques, including natural dyeing, block printing with household objects and elements from nature, and even painting

Incorporate sustainability into your practice with guidance on using every scrap and drop of your materials

144 pages

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