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Swatch — Quicksilver Jamdani Handloom Cotton

Swatch — Quicksilver Jamdani Handloom Cotton

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Making this extra-special jamdani handloom fabric requires the utmost care and precision. The weaver can only make about one yard of the zig-zag design each day.

Luxuriously soft handspun cotton, off-white and slightly translucent, with an incredible drape. Made for the Japanese market, this is absolutely tops in both quality and beauty! Sew yourself a floaty Calyx Smock from Pattern Fantastique. (Most garments will need to be lined or layered.)
Stripes are about 6 inches apart.

hand-spun and handwoven
all cotton
45.5 inches wide

Care: hand wash gently in cool water, line dry in shade

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